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7th August 2022 
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John - Your QHHT Practitioner

About #01

You, Me and the Cosmos

It's not about me! It is about you and how easy it is for you to create the conditions to self-heal. Am I a Healer? No, I am just the facilitator - the guide that leads you down that "Yellow Brick Road" into the coloured energy rainbow to recreate your health and bring back the colour in your life. You are the healer tapping into your own Source energies!

My interest in this technique was ignited like a new born Star in the summer of 2012. Over the decades, I have been studying many metaphysical and esoteric sources which have indicated magnificent Earth changes are on the way. Changes in Humanities' way of thinking. A global clearing of the decks is taking place to allow for a Higher way of existing.

In a personal "Eureka Moment" I made the obvious connection of how I could personally make a small contribution to this better way, by understanding how this simple method of QHHT™ could free many people from the burden of living with physical or other conditions they don't really have to. Helping people recreate their own new way and taking control of their life was the way forward individually and collectively. Being their own healer.

But I am just your guide, albeit learned in the techniques and knowledge needed to take you wherever and whenever you need to go whilst in session. It is your mind we access together. It is the random visions and information relating to your life that surfaces and provides you with the information you need to heal. It is with your Higher Self that we seek the co-operation of for the healing. Your Higher Self that is connected to "Beyond the Beyond" that agrees to supply you with the corrective energies and vibrations that neutralise the lifetime(s) of negative accumulated inputs and cell memories and then creates anew with the right memories. It is you with your intent that created your change.

It must be said that this process will never work if anyone does not have the highest intent. "They" know everything. "They" know what everyone is thinking long before you are even aware of the thought. Intention to heal and be healed must be for the Highest good. That is why you will only find this unique service amongst qualified QHHT practitioners who have a deep desire to serve. We all have the necessary spiritual approach to make this work.

About #02

Available for Mini Presentations

Series Subject: “The Meaning of Life” – Lighting another candle.

For talks to groups from 10 to 300+ offering his personal perspective on the big picture including Earth, its ancient origins, humanity’s origins and development, and our purpose here on Earth and our future. Our place in the Universe, Ascension, and current interaction with Extra Terrestrials, UFO’s, “Illuminati” ... and much more - will also be covered.
2-4+ hour talks adjusted +/- to suit your requirements and budget.
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Food for Thought

"Logic takes you from A to B.

Imagination takes you everywhere."

- Albert Einstein