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About Me & Other Services
27th May 2024 
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John - Your QHHT Practitioner (since 2012)

About Me & Other Services. JDO PORTRAIT 6114-CROP

The Journey To Find My Life Purpose

Whilst it is not about me I think you deserve to know something of my background to give you some comfort in my status & ability to perform QHHT on you.

Here is a brief potted history of my current lifetime for you. A few odd weird, or some would say, spiritual ‘events’ occurred to me from time to time over my lifetime. An ethereal ghost encounter when I was at boarding school – 9 years old. Seeing a ‘ghostly’ man walking on the upstairs landing in our house as if in another dimension – 16 years old. I froze like a statue as if I was prevented from crossing energetic fields (my current view on this event). Just arrived at my bus stop at 8:00 a.m.to go to High School. I was the first one to arrive, alone and nobody else waiting that summer morning. I was probably 14 years old. I heard a voice as clear as a bell that just said three words. The voice surprised me as I looked around to see who it was talking to me but there was nobody there. Those three words kept me going for my lifetime. Four potential Earth incarnation life Exit points (brushes with death) came & went. Those are a few the incidents I am consciously aware of. I obviously need to stay here in this 3rd dimensional Earth plane for a good reason.

Seeing a momentary white cosmic flash covering the whole of the summer cloudless starry night sky from horizon to horizon. This happened only a few years back. The odd physical manifestation. For example a small bird suddenly appearing in the living room when all windows & doors were closed, & had been for hours. A small pink feather (which I still have albeit has turned white) suddenly being there on the floor where I was sitting one evening. Things that defied rational explanation & just made me think ‘That was inexplicably weird’. Maybe little messages to tell me ‘We are here with you for your journey’.
To date (late 2023) I do not have the overt & obvious psychic gifts of some, such as clairvoyance to visibly see spirit. Nor do I regularly hear voices in my head wanting to give me esoteric messages. This is for now! I suspect a good reason why I do not have these traditional ‘in your face’ abilities. I am tasked with a more restricted method to enable me to ‘record’ & re-remember my exchanges before my real/new spiritual journey begins soon. From my private channellings I already know what is in store for me as catalytic events & people are lined up to trigger my unfolding into the next phase of The Shift. For the moment I just channel using a pendulum & get my answers intuitively that way. In my sessions whilst writing my book one of the Beings told me when I was asking questions for the material that 'John you already know the answer to your question'. It was right. I also know words flow when I write about certain things on my computer. How I ‘envy’ my fellow channellers who do connect so evidently & easily with spirit. But my current channelling method has deliberately been given ‘limitations’ for reasons I will only truly discover later. I only channel for my private spiritual journey & QHHT purposes. But I know there is a lot more to come for me as my pursuit in connecting to higher & higher Level Light Beings in the vibrational chain continues unabated. I suppose if I was given the Gifts of traditional channellers I may not remember all the details of my connections & the messages. I will leave those modes to the more adept & ones who have chosen that for their own life plan. Sometimes the veracity of some of my personal messages have not be validated until many years later! Belief & trust are sometimes taken to the edge. That's my left brain giving me grief!

For my QHHT, I have been helped along the way over the years with connections to ever higher helpful Beings of the Light who have offered to come in to assist my clients' healing in session. They ‘arrive’ in the Healing Room to help quiet the minds of clients & take them on their quantum mind journey. As the Beings I am offered over the years come forward with higher vibrations, the QHHT sessions I do, become easier to conduct. It was over a decade ago my first QHHT ‘helper’ was ‘only’ of the 5th dimension. Now my own current helper Being is well beyond your imagination. I am very grateful for their presence. Beings healing clients have come from the 9th Density/dimensional Level. It is not uncommon for 7th Level Beings to come in to heal the client. In a session I ask for the highest Level Being appropriate. These new higher Level Beings coming in to help my clients reflect the changing 'spiritual demographics' & importance of those clients seeking help or requiring to be awakened. More & more 'Old Souls' are coming to me. Very encouraging.

I won’t bore you with my mundane life journey stuck in the realms of money, finance & businesses for many decades. Having the mandatory ‘lessons’ given to me in my past & present personal, family & business relationships has to be viewed, some would say sometimes perversely, as a gift of learning. To them all, I can at least have a new perspective & thank them for those lessons I went through to make me what I am today. 7 or10 year cycles of life changes were a common, if not a curious thing for me. Why did my life cycles occur in such regular periods? I am due another ‘change’ as more than 10 years has passed & I need to turn another corner. I have an inkling.

Fast forward to my choice to do something different 12+ years or so ago. Founded on much research & book reading, I knew I had to provide a service to others. I probably have a 500-600++ strong library of esoteric books, 75 % read, on all manner of things from conspiracy theories to all things The Shift et al. It was pure perfect synchronicity again, from first reading several of Dolores Cannon's books paired with surfing the Internet thousands of miles away, I was somehow led and energetically drawn to, her QHHT project. It was merely a few months between finishing up loose ends abroad to being back in the U.K. taking the Dolores Cannon QHHT course in 2012. It was meant to be. They say you do not need to push hard to open the door that is for you. You only need to push with your little finger & you will know its the door for you if it opens.

A few moths later after finishing the course one of my early clients, Sylvie, a gifted channeler in her own right, came to me for a session. As I look back, this too was synchronicity at its best - for her & me. We became spiritual friends & it was my relationship with her that opened me out to knowing I was being fast-tracked spiritually. In one of my recorded private sessions I had with her (she was the channeler helping me along) she was told that I had to get on the spiritual express train so to speak. There was an urgency from beyond The Veil to get me to where I needed to go. I had to ‘get moving' fast! 'They' had to get their skates on too! She was told ‘I was going to fly’. I had absolutely no clue whatsoever then, what any of it meant for me personally. Not a clue. Ungifted, fully entrenched left brained Human Being having a go at hypnosis to heal people! Me? Really? That was my thinking. Was I going to become as gifted as her? My blood family were artistically gifted at this & that. Painting, drawing, music. I was at the other end of the scale just enjoying & being amazed at the beauty & natural skill as to how right brained Humans can produce such works. Now I know such artistic gifts are a form of channelling. Such an artistic right brained gift for me would be a distraction in my life. I now know why I am here & what I need to do. I will leave artists & musicians to do what they do best & admire & enjoy them from afar. I have a different path.

So over the last QHHT 10-12 years I have had ‘WOW’ moments aplenty in my connection to Spirit. I even amaze myself when I review some transcripts of my private work. But I am sad this information given to me cannot openly be shared with others yet. That will come later as catalytic opportunities and people will present themselves, & cross my path to get the ball rolling so to speak. I must wait for them with unerring patience at the behest of Divine timing & placing. The Divine Plan currently tests us all. The benefit for my QHHT clients, YOU, is that as I have been on a healing & spiritual learning curve. ‘They’ have presented me with not only new things to learn & a better perspective, but also being given the odd healing gift. For example a Being of the Light allows me to personally neutralise a client’s trauma. Whether it be past-life or inter-dimensional etc. I am offered that gift to more easily allow clients to release & forget trauma related issues. I have also been bestowed the gift of being able to heal remotely using my QHHT Light Beings & others without the use of a surrogate (a Dolores Cannon original technique). I used the surrogate method some while back but no longer need to.

But, just a reminder to you all who wish use my QHHT services, I am just the facilitator not the healer. The healing is effected through higher vibrational connections to Light Beings especially chosen to come forward from beyond The Veil into my sessions. Too many Light Beings to list as to which one, but ‘They’ are selected for their energetic compatibility to the client’s vibrational Level and healing requirements etc. My job is to guide you through the labyrinth of unseen vibrational levels, densities, barriers & Light tunnels/tubes to put your 3rd dimensional energetic body & mind quantumly & squarely within reach of the higher dimensional Light Being Healers.

They are your healers. The ones who have a better command of the energetics that make up our 3rd dimensional world & how to correct dis-ease & imbalances etc. These Light Beings contacted in session have an affinity or connection to you in some way. They KNOW you intimately. They have instant access to your life & pre-life history, here on Earth or anywhere else you may have been in the Cosmos for that matter! What I have found in my short QHHT career is that I have never brought forward any personal Guides or the Higher Self of the client. They always remain in the background. These Beings (Client Guides & H-S) were a bit of a red herring for me in my early days of doing QHHT. I always bring forward ‘independent’ Beings of the Light albeit connected to the client in some way. This may not be so for other practitioners. It is just this way for me. So, don’t ask me to connect you to your personal Guides or Higher-Self. You may be surprised to know where your Higher Self is & why it is not necessary to call it in.

It must also be said that the QHHT process will never work if anyone (Practitioner or client) does not have the highest intent. "They" know everything. "They" know what everyone is thinking long before you are even aware of the thought. Indeed, I usually connect with one of the Guides of the client before the session begins. This gives me confidence that I & the client are on the right track & have the correct intention in using QHHT. Intention to heal and be healed must be for the Highest good. That is why you will only find this unique service amongst qualified QHHT practitioners who have a deep desire to serve. We must all have the necessary spiritual approach & highest intent with integrity to make this modality work. My intention is to make your life better. Put you on a higher path.

About Me & Other Services. EARTH SURROUNDED Y ANGELS

Ancillary Services – General Massage

QHHT is essentially a non-contact healing system. However Light Beings can authorise the use of on the spot light massage to specific areas of a client’s body which are particularly ‘stuck’ in session. This has helped some obtain a quicker physical release & recovery. Frozen joints, sciatica, crown chakra/head clearing, back and or neck pains to name just a few situations. Please note I am not a qualified or specialist sports/massage therapist & what I would do is guided by high Level Light Beings. It is not something I wish to do full time. Any such action requires your full pre-authorisation in session on record to undertake such energetic spot ‘tweaks’. The need for physical & energetic intervention attached to the QHHT healing does not often arise but I mention it should it be of interest or be recommended by the Light Beings at the time, or is spontaneously requested by you as a mini add-on.

Depending on your need, you can request a more in depth additional on the spot solution to any particular persistent continuing issue(s) and a separate supplementary fee rate will be agreed/applied when it is regarded as a significant add-on. This would be only where there is a clear additional & distinctive service over & above the basic QHHT session separate to the minor suggestions offered by the Light Beings. We can discuss the need & options & time availability after the QHHT session has ended. If there is time, we can work on it straight away. Otherwise you can wait to see how your healing is progressing & come back later for separate targetted massage if you feel you want to accelerate the healing time-frame.

Ancillary Services - Hot Stone Massage (exclusive of QHHT)

I do have a hot stone bath & massage table available if this piques your interest. This can be with or without light body massage. This needs to be booked & your requirements advised in advance as it requires the table, towels & room etc. to be set up ready. This can be in addition to or just separate from the QHHT session. Separate fee rates apply for 15, 30 or 45 minute sessions. The QHHT fee you will have been quoted are stand alone & do not include a specialist massage session. As a QHHT session can last up to 4 hours it may be wiser to book a separate massage session rather than tag it on to the end of the QHHT session.

Ancillary Services - Remote Healing

This new possibility was offered to me by a Light Being beyond the Veil a few years ago. Please contact me to discuss in detail as it presents itself with its own novel challenges to make this work for us both. Financially & logistically. Mutual trust is the key. Time constraints mean that I cannot offer this as free service.

Ancillary Services - Presentations - Ceased

I have withdrawn for doing public presentations. This is not now in my life plan. However I can be very chatty & am always happy to talk to clients before or after a session about anything and everything spiritual or esoteric, or other, with my take on things & the meaning of life. This can be over the telephone, a coffee, glass of wine or a beer. Yes I do have the occasional beer from time to time. Everything in moderation.

Food for Thought

"Logic takes you from A to B.

Imagination takes you everywhere."

- Albert Einstein