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AKASH For Lightworkers
7th August 2022 
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AKASH For Lightworkers #01

Starseeds, Lightworkers, Indigos, Crystals

As well as facilitating the healing of conventional 3rd Dimensional issues as outlined on other pages, I am also offering, through the vehicle of QHHT™, the request for appropriate DNA and Light-Body Activation, among other esoteric things, for those living "STARSEEDS" and “LIGHTWORKERS” who believe it is now their time to “awake and shake” - to fulfill their Life Plan in assisting Gaia, themselves and as many of its resident humans, to increase their vibration level in order to achieve Planetary and Individual Ascension. Time is short.

So this page is only for those who want to be, or are, awakened or awakening Souls of Higher Cosmic awareness and vibration - those who now give intent with their actions to heal the planet. There can be no more sitting on the fence. You help is needed now! Everyday there are more and more Lightworkers being switched on all over the world at an increasing rate. This is clearly evidenced in Dolores Cannon's book "Three waves of Volunteers & New Earth". Each individual Soul has an awakening programme. Has yours commenced already and you are not listening? Some QHHT™ may be the catalyst you need to put you on your path of destiny.

Humanity passed the energy test on 16/17 August 1987 – The Harmonic Convergence. The balance of World thought energies shifted from an overall negative to positive. The prophecies of doom and gloom total annihilation or Armageddon will not pass. Beyond expectation Humanity proved it could achieve the opposite – collective higher vibration, Ascension and a better world of peace, joy and harmony. A new world of manifesting what you want (only for the highest intent) is in sight. A world of Light and Unconditional Love beckons those who choose the Light (Higher vibration).

Gaia is preparing to “Ascend” anyway - increasing its vibrations to carry it through a dimensional shift. Check for yourself on the increasing "Schumann Resonance". This is being achieved in many ways and is part of the natural Cosmic Cycle. Powerful unseen energies have been emanating from the Central Sun, The Source, and sweeping across and bathing not only Gaia but all the Galaxies, our Milky Way and Solar System. This mighty swathe of energy is designed in accordance with the Divine Plan to lift and separate. Life forms vibrating at a higher level will be able to move through the next higher dimensional barriers with Gaia. Lower vibrating life forms will unfortunately be stuck in the life that is now (3rd Dimension) and, I understand, be re-located to a similar vibration planet elsewhere in the Universe. The choice is yours as Earth is “The Only Planet Of Choice” (read book of the same name). Which way do you want to go?


During the Session, I will as usual, be the facilitator to connect you to the Collective Cosmic Consciousness in the normal way. This is the Omnipotence behind the Veil and the energy that creates “All That Is” – That Is part of your “I AM”. This is the power that heals you in a normal session. I will first have asked the usual permissions of you (in 3rd Dimension) and “Them” to explore your Multidimensional Soul/self.

I will then ask and identify with “Them”, if it is appropriate for you, what esoteric gifts may be passed to you in this 3rd dimensional lifetime now. This will be discussed with you beforehand as to what you are ready for and seek.

It may be that you wish for example:

.A clearer contact with your Higher Self;
.Contact with your Guides, Angels;
.Contact with your home Starship;
.Clearer night dream memory;
.Enhanced Psychic abilities;
.Ability to see UFO's or Lightships;
.Extra Terrestrial contact;
.Clearer memory of your night work (visiting other dimensions or places)
.Clearer understanding of your Multi Dimensional Self

All such requests must be for the highest good of the Universe and you must be of sufficient vibration to accept the extra energies or they will not be granted.

Remember such abilities or gifts may have to be worked for. Do not expect them to be just handed on a plate. Only in exceptional circumstances does this happen, for example, when you have pre-life contracts to convey special information or energy to Humanity.

As usual, all sessions are recorded so you may listen to the advice and answers given to you as to what your situation is.

AKASH For Lightworkers #02

Neutralising Karma

There is the possibility of clearing your personal Karmic Plate. In general, the era of Earthly tests and lessons has finished. Long ago in the mists of time, Earth was earmarked as an experimental energy station and the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) became part of the mechanism to test Light & Dark energies. With the passing of 2012, the classroom and its old formula of lessons is being closed down as Earth moves towards a dimensional shift.

Starseeds and Lightworkers now have new important jobs to do in increasing the level of personal and global vibration. With the shift fast approaching, Advanced Souls can well do without the tedious Earthly karmic tests which detract from this important work.

In Session, I will ask the Collective Cosmic Consciousness if it is appropriate for you to neutralise the karmic tests and lessons you previous set yourself. If it is deemed appropriate, then such tests, with your deepest intent, will be removed, provided you seek to replace them with other actions intended for the highest good. Remember it is “Them” that will advise if it is the appropriate time. It is you, with pure intent, by simply asking "Please cancel my current Karmic lifetime lessons" that can start the process of change.

Some karmic lessons still have to be played out. It is the only way of reaching balance. Only your Higher Self will decide what is right for you. Every Soul is different.

Similarly, Light-Body (see below) cannot be achieved with unbalanced karmic residue/memory still intact in your soul engrams. Every effort must be made to first dissolve the lower energies you hold and negate the karma. The QHHT™ process can kick-start your new body/life only if the time is right for you.

12 Strand DNA Activation

Earth science is only aware of the familiar 2 strands of DNA. There are 10 further unseen strands that are present but deactivated. It is a sad Earth story as to why these 10 strands were "unbundled". But now the Cosmic energies have once again been turned towards humanity and the time is right for appropriate Higher Vibrating vehicles to be re-energised and the DNA re-activated.

I would point out that you must not be thinking 3rd Dimensionally in regard to this DNA. It exists at higher vibrations which we cannot perceive in 3D. It is Inter-dimensional DNA. DNA that allows you to live and communicate multidimensionally.

Your own DNA/Light-Body Light Activation is also at the behest of higher entities. Do not feel upset if your request is declined. There is a right (life)time and place for this important procedure. All Souls have an activation clock within their DNA and cells. You will be told if it is your time. If it is your time then Activations and Initiations carry with them greater responsibility. You become more accountable for your actions so you must maintain a high vibration and strength of character, integrity and unconditional love.

Please note that it is my belief that you are not suddenly endowed with a full activation. If all your DNA Strands were active you would in essence be the equivalent of an Ascended Master with the ability, for example, to materialise and dematerialise all matter including your body. The ability to communicate and work in Light. The activation, is only to allow you to proceed on the correct path to achieve this status, bit by bit, in your development of Light-Body. As I have said before, it is not given to you on a plate. You have to work at achieving total balance, understanding, compassion, peace, love, and so on. It is only then that your Body & Soul energies can withstand the highest vibrations. The activation will be a gift to you on the path to Realisation - the path to living multidimensionally.

For those who are interested in the 12 Strand DNA I recommend Kryon Book 12 - "12 Layers of DNA".

AKASH For Lightworkers #03

Staying Young

In creating the design for the Human to partake in the Earth experiment many many hundreds of thousands of years ago, it was necessary to build in many factors within the "secret" DNA.

With experience of creating many thousands of civilisations it was thought necessary in the early stages of human development that the DNA be programmed with a system that brought on aging and also negate the human ability to regenerate the physical body.

You are aware that certain animals can already regenerate their own body parts. So why can't Humans? It was built in our design to ensure we could "go home" after each life (a bit like going home after school) and appraise our progress of the karmic lessons. The karmic lessons you will recall are part of our lessons to learn how to deal with negative/lower vibration energy and thus raise our own vibration ready for this auspicious time in Earth history.

With humanity on the verge of a "Golden Age" this checking into "Home" will no longer be necessary and it will be possible for the Human physical vehicle (our bodies) to live for very long periods. You already will know of the Biblical and other legends of certain special people living for up to 900 years. Adam, Seth, Methuselah, Noah etc. These special people were actually given the normal Human Template, one which we, as a civilisation, have within our grasp in the relatively near future (in Cosmic Time terms).

If only Humans knew how mentally powerful they really were. This will be the route to longevity. This is what interests me in my quest, and contact with "All That Is" during your QHHT session Phase2. As with your Karmic lessons, your Healing and cell regeneration, I will ask if it is appropriate for you to live longer. If it is "authorised" by your Higher Self/Collective Cosmic Consciousness, then I will ask for your inbuilt Death Programme/Hormone to be re-calibrated to enable you to slow your aging to what is appropriate for your Soul purpose in this lifetime.

I will ask your Higher Self during the Hypnotic state, to receive the energies and programmes necessary for you to maintain robust Telomeres and produce the enzyme Telomerase which stops the Telomeres breaking off during cell division.

CLICK HEREhttp://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/begin/traits/telomeres/

AKASH For Lightworkers #04

Some Science

There is scientific evidence to confirm that, in every cell of our body, our DNA periodically emits light. Our present physical body therefore has the beginnings of the Light Body.

Our DNA, a crystalline molecule that emanates visible-spectrum light, is therefore already poised to grow its Light energy. Its activation is through our Pineal and Pituitary glands. The Pineal gland is the window to the Soul and is like an eye. In esoteric writings it is "The Third Eye". The part that is the facilitator of psychic abilities among other attributes.

In a QHHT session any appropriate permissions for activations will likely use these human glands as the conduit for the Light energising and commencement of the reconnection of your 12 Strand DNA which has been dormant for tens of thousands of years.

AKASH For Lightworkers #05

Cosmic Healing

This is a process to heal issues aspects of your Self which you have had with other planetary bodies within this dimension and impact energetically on Earth. They are deeply embedded and hidden within your cell memory. This healing is for advanced Lightworkers wishing to step up to the next stage of their work free from blockages caused from outside of this sphere.

Understand that, in the main, karmic issues are kept within the domain of the Earth experience and can be sourced within your Akash. If you have arrived on Earth from elsewhere in the Cosmos to help Earth in this critical time of need, you may have left behind unresolved issues from your other previous existences on other planets. Therefore, if you have contracted to help Earth during this critical Ascension period, you may need to heal external cosmic issues which will then release blockages you have experienced and then enable you to progress with your own healing path for this planet.

I have personally received this healing, but please understand that this is facilitated from a very high level and there are only a limited number of undisclosed practitioners capable of offering this (currently less than 15 worldwide). I do not perform this type of healing personally, but would put you in contact with someone who does. It requires very high level access through our Creators.

Inter-universal Cosmic Healing

This is similar to Cosmic healing except that the planetary issues may have arisen and been brought across from another universe. I do not perform this type of healing personally, but would put you in contact with someone who does. It requires very high level access through our Creators.

AKASH For Lightworkers #06

Inter-dimensional Healing

This is an off-shoot of Cosmic Healing and in my personal development, I, perchance, was able to identify the need for this. It is something I can facilitate during a QHHT™ session by working with your Guides and some of my own that I have been especially brought forward for this and allocated to assist me in this procedure.

As explained above, before entering the Earth sphere experiment, you will have existed in other dimensions in this universe. You may have not worked with your inter-dimensional gifts in the best way, and so require to identify why, and heal this issue. It unknowingly manifests as energetic issues preventing you from progressing to the next stage of your work here on Earth (or beyond).

During the QHHT™ session I will. In conjunction with your own, use the Guides I have been offered to take you on this healing journey to resolve these issues.

Inter-dimensional Inter-Universal Healing

Again, this discovery was made during my own personal development. In this case, you may have arrived on Earth from another universe. The Creator has called on only the best to come here to Earth to bring it through Ascension. You are one of them.

So, this is much the same as Inter-dimensional healing except that you have crossed universes and dimensions to arrive here. Healing needs to be fully completed before all universal energies come into balance. This means that any cross-universal energy imbalances also need to be resolved. If an aspect of your Self has had issues in other universes inter-dimensionally, then healing is required to release any blockages preventing your spiritual growth on Earth and, indeed Earth’s own growth.

We are all being asked to ‘clear the decks’ in this lifetime so that we can accelerate our personal growth and facilitate planetary Ascension.

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