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Holistic Hypnosis Healing. rsz-Parallel Worlds

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT™) - How it began and my journey to it.

The extraordinary power of this technique was discovered by Dolores Cannon, Hypnotherapist and author of over 17 fascinating books.

Over her 50 year career and many thousands of hours of client therapy, she developed a simple method to obtain co-operation to promote the physical, mental and emotional healing she had seen taking place many times with her own clients. She felt this discovery was part of her own "Life Plan", and so important, that she needed to provide an education platform for like-minded people in order to continue the work for Humanity. I was fortunate to have been personally trained by Dolores when she was alive. Another torch bearer.

The circumstances of how I enrolled on the course with Dolores could be regarded as highly synchronistic and, in retrospect, spiritually guided. I was unknowingly being pushed & pulled by Spirit to help me find a new role of ‘service to others’. I was deeply entrenched in a business over 1500 miles away on the European Continent. It is apparent, again in retrospect, a ‘force majeure’ was necessary and so ‘conspired’ to make me change my life’s direction. After more than 40 years in a variety of finance & business situations I now wanted that change. What was this ‘service to others’ role going to be? The Internet can be a wonderful thing if used properly. And so it was!

Travelling back home to England to start anew I always wondered how & why I was mysteriously driven to enrol on one of Dolores Cannon’s courses. With time & the help of new channelling connections I now know why. I had to get on & endure the Roller Coaster ride. So here I am under this QHHT umbrella offering part of myself for service to others. It begins in earnest as Ascension approaches fast. All will be revealed in the coming years. QHHT is one of many routes to getting people on the right track & ready for it. Enjoy..

Holistic Hypnosis Healing. Dolores & John rsz Frame

Founder - Dolores Cannon Interviewed

Here is a shortened extract of a Kerry Lynn Cassidy (KLC) interview with Dolores Cannon (DC) who explains it much better than I ever could. You can watch the full interview, and many others by her, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovZFjlFolk0

Credit goes to www.projectcamelotproductions.com :

KLC: Can we talk a little about the healing you are doing right now?

DC: Yes that is very important, because when I was doing the Past Life Regression we were finding out a lot of information because we found the cause of a lot of their problems went back to past lives. But then as I was working with it I came into contact with what I call this great power that I work with. That’s the one that gives me all the information that I write about.............It is not the subconscious as defined by the psychiatrists. That is the childish part of your mind. This you might say is the “Over Soul” the Higher Self, the Higher Consciousness. “It” is so big; “It” is so huge that “It” has the answers to everything. Why not work with something like that? And I had to have a name for “It” so I called “It” the subconscious. “They” say “We don’t care what you call “Us” “We” will work with you”. And “It” is a beautiful, wonderful energy. So when I work with “Them” I found that “They” could not only answer any question that the client wanted answered, but “They” could also have instantaneous healing.
Now, I’m not doing this, I’m the “facilitator” - but if I work with thousands of people and I can then call “It” in to work with that person, “It” comes through that person exactly the same way every time you know I’ve found something. But it is miraculous.

I have people come from all over the world to my little office in Huntsville especially to have the healings. And we work with every kind of disease there is, every kind of illness. I have people coming who are scheduled for surgery – they don’t have to have surgery. People who are ready for liver transplants, kidney dialysis, they don’t need it anymore, because you make yourself sick, and if your mind is powerful enough to make yourself sick, it is also powerful enough to heal it. You find out “Why did you make yourself sick?” That’s what I do with the therapy and with the sessions – find out “where does it come from?” Then “They” can come through and heal it immediately.

And it is miraculous to watch. It’s like electricity, electric currents, energy flows through that person, they will jerk and convulse and “They” fix everything. I’ve had “Them” put backs back together again, bones back together, rebuild cartilage, dissolve and absorb Cancer tumours – it’s miraculous that’s what I’m working with - to me that is the most important part. The information is valuable, it comes through too while I am working but to me the healing- “They” said this is the THERAPY OF THE FUTURE [2:59], so now I am teaching it all over the world..............

Australia is taking this and running with it. They are seeing miracles happen. To me that is wonderful to see your students doing this. I’m teaching in Russia,...... all over the world I am teaching this, and they are getting it – to me that is very important.......that’s what I’m supposed to be doing now is spreading this information."

Backed by Science

Hopefully the above transcription of the interview with Dolores will shed a little light and give you some clues as to what would be going on in a QHHT™ session. I would like to add a little more substance to those who may find this incredulous. Part of the answer comes from the well known endocrinologist and leader in the field of quantum physics and mind-body healing, Dr. Deepak Chopra.

You will be aware that all your body cells regenerate. If you cut yourself, your body heals the cut. Your skin flakes off and new skin replaces it. It has been scientifically established that your body cells regenerate at different rates depending on what they are. The cells lining the stomach, because they’re exposed to acid, replace themselves about every five days. Cells in the epidermis last about a week. Red blood cells live for approximately four months in the body, while liver cells live about five months. Some cells take much longer than seven years to regenerate. A bone completely remodels itself and replaces all of its cells every ten years or so. So this is part of the cell story all the way through your body.

Why then does someone with Cancer still have Cancer a year later? The answer to this conundrum, as revealed by Deepak Chopra in his work, is that body cells have a memory which is replicated from dying cell to new cell. Just before a cell dies it passes on the memory to the new cell. Thus defective cells pass on the defective memory whilst normal cells pass on normal memory. Therefore before QHHT™, your cells are perpetuating either good or bad memory replacement - maintaining either good or bad health. Simple.
Also scientifically proven is that there is a chemical expression for every emotion that we have. We need to understand that at a purely chemical level consciousness and emotions are affecting our cells. Cell memory can be altered through emotion, be it from past life trauma carried over or present life trauma and abuse through over-interacting with earthly negative physical, emotional or mental energies and vibrations.
When we repress an emotion, it releases a chemical into the blood stream. It will go to certain cell receptors and block them, leaving them incapable of communicating with the rest of the cells in the body. If those cell receptors remain blocked over a long period of time, then there is a propensity for diseases to occur in the area where you’re blocked.

What can you do about it? You can adopt a DIY process to correct this if you wish. You will need to be mentally and physically disciplined day in and day out. Meditate and go within daily to explore your inner self – much like those Avatars who have attained Light status during their 3D Earthly existence. If you persevere with going within, that may help you identify how you need to change your life. It can be a long process.
Or you can take a shortcut with a QHHT™ session. Under Hypnosis I obtain the necessary permissions to have your cells reprogrammed. “They” will help you to achieve this self-healing either instantly or over time (note or research time scales for different body parts). Personally addressing Past or Present Life trauma which was unresolved during the session will also accelerate the healing process, physically, mentally or emotionally. QHHT™ will give you the kick start you need, after which you can adapt your life by following the advice and recommendations you will have received under session.

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