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Who For? What Issues?
27th May 2024 
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What Conditions?

Here are some of the areas where positive results have been experienced by clients during or after a QHHT™ session:

•Cancer of all types at various stages being overcome
•Cartilage being reconstructed between joints
•AIDS being eradicated from the body
•Heart conditions being healed - afterwards surgery is no longer required
•Deteriorated livers or kidneys being regenerated and restored to full function
•Open flesh wounds being regenerated with no scarring
•Migraines being explained and their root causes removed
•Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
•20/20 vision being restored where people no longer need corrective vision
•Diabetes being negated and the causes for it explained
•Intestinal and bowel problems being resolved
•Lower and middle back problems being resolved
•Issues with hips, legs, feet, arms and hands being resolved
•Neck and shoulder pains being removed
•Asthma and associated lung problems being resolved
•Skin problems resolved; birthmarks disappearing; scar tissue disappearing
•Bi-Polar disorder, Depression and other mind imbalances or anxieties and phobias
•OCD, Anorexia, Bulimia - root causes revealed to commence self-healing
•Surrogate healing [permission being granted by the recipient or the Higher Self]
•Surrogate healing of Pets!
•Resolution of current life mental trauma, relationships, hidden memories, etc.
•... and much more!

Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. There are no limitations, except the limits of our own imaginations and beliefs. Over the few years that this technique has been used, more and more wonderful discoveries are coming through about what it can achieve. It is the healing method big business does not want you to hear about.

Who For & What Illnesses. I AM THE POWER OF HEALING

Who is this for?

There are very few who cannot benefit from this amazing self-healing. It is perhaps easier to tell you of the few exceptions:

1) Persons who cannot communicate with me during a Session. They need to be able to talk coherently and understand and follow some simple commands. This therefore precludes those who cannot speak or understand English. There are many who have trained under Dolores who speak foreign languages and should be able to source same language Practitioners. Similarly those who suffer deafness will be difficult to treat ( but see "Surrogate" below).

2) Those with Multiple Personality Disorder or Schizophrenia. Practitioners could have a problem in identifying with which Personality they are communicating with. This may cause problems. However, I may be prepared to offer free exploratory work in this field. We are always on a road of discovery. Contact me to discuss this further.

3) Advanced Alzheimer's sufferers could also cause communication problems. However, I may be prepared to offer free exploratory work in this field for early onset cases. Again we always want to find our limitations. Contact me to discuss this further.

4) Children under 16. As a Group, we do not deal with Minors. There are ethical issues here. We consider a child needs to develop their own mind and free will before undergoing a Session. They need to understand the whole concept with an Adult mind and we feel that this is not possible (see "Surrogate" below).

5) Locked in Karmic Lessons. Some may have chosen certain life situations such as being wheelchair bound, being born with disabilities for example. These are because you chose pre-incarnation to learn certain lessons as they would accelerate your growth vibrationally. You may have also chosen a life that seeks to teach others lessons. Maybe people entrusted to care for you are needing to learn their own lessons. QHHT cannot override those pre-life choices where lessons need to be learned. I always check with my Guides if this is the case so that you do not undertake a QHHT session unnecessarily. However there may be other issues besides the obvious core problem that could fall inside my remit of allowing me to offer QHHT. A talk beforehand will identify any separate issues that can be nevertheless treated.

So with these very few exceptions, anyone with any chronic Physical, other Mental or emotional issues will find this technique valuable. See "What Conditions?" just above for more information.


There are always exceptional cases. Children stuck in Hospitals with quite debilitating diseases or conditions. Bedridden loved ones.

Subject to my comments in 'No.5)' in the section just above, the technique does allow for what we call "Surrogate Healing". We do seek to first obtain the appropriate permissions from a) the one who needs to be healed, b) the Surrogate (e.g. a relative or loved one) and c) "Them".

It is a third party, the Surrogate, who undergoes the QHHT Session in the normal way. When the Surrogate is in "Phase 2" (click on the upper left Tab "Your Day for Healing"), I will seek the permission from the relevant Light Beings allotted to the potential healing, to ensure the healing of the one who is "incapacitated" is allowable in this way. I will be advised if healing is authorised. If so I will proceed to request this be achieved via the Surrogate. It is important to note that some Souls' conditions exist for Karmic fulfilment. This may mean not just for the one you wish to be healed but for many others related to them be they family, friends, Carers etc. The list of karmic connections could be many and for many different reasons unknown to you.

The use of a Surrogate has also been found appropriate for pets.

Remember, it may be that those you wish to be healed in this way may not themselves wish it, so be careful with your considerations and think of all angles before you request my assistance.
Who For & What Illnesses. rsz-golden-healing-angel

Who For & What Illnesses. abduction

Persons Having Paranormal or Unexplained Experiences

There are some people who have had strange experiences that they cannot explain. These may include “lost time”, voices in the mind, feelings or a knowing of being “taken”, freezing during a UFO sighting, science fictional dream times, and repetitive strange dream recall etc. These strange events could indicate that someone’s earthly existence is greater than understood and they are not to be feared. They should, in fact, be appreciated and welcomed with joy for they could indicate the person has an underlying and very important role to play in the forthcoming well documented “Ascension” and development of the New Earth in the Golden Age.
I do take an interest in such matters and QHHT™ is an appropriate vehicle to obtain information relating thereto. If you would like to explore your own personal involvement and get explanations then "CLICK HERE" to book an appointment.

A Breakthrough!

The QHHT™ process has received formal recognition from a State Hospital in Florida.

One of its doctors underwent QHHT™ training and was so impressed that he started using it in the hospital in place of traditional methods for his difficult cases. His QHHT™ work is monitored by the hospital and because of the positive results he gets he is being allowed to continue using it. This is the first Western Institution to give Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy firm recognition and approval and comfortably sits beside its traditional methods.