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Your Day For Healing
23rd June 2024 
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Your QHHT Experience

When you confirm you wish a session I will send you a brief guide recommending some of the steps you could take beforehand to help obtain a successful healing when we meet.

A quiet, comfortable, safe environment is essential, so a home visit is often ideal. The session consists of four parts just between you and me. It is important family or friends are not included in our time together. They can be "around" but not together with us. This allows you to be “free” to discuss anything with me.

Phase 1:

This is the joint preparation between us lasting up to 2 hours. This is where we get to know each other much more and offers you the opportunity to discuss with me everything about you. You can tell me the highs and lows of your life story - your trials and tribulations. All our talks are held in the strictest confidence, and you will be given an empathetic, non-judgmental ear. This is essential if we are to work together.

Phase 2:

This part may also last up to 2 hours and is when you are guided by me into a state of deep relaxation. A comfortable private place is required where you can lie down with some blankets or covers to keep you warm. A bed with lots of pillows or cushions is preferred, as couches or chairs are normally less conducive to being relaxed and at peace. We are trying to replicate the very pleasant time when you have relaxed just before you go to sleep.

During this phase I will be your 3rd Dimensional ‘Guide’. You will be quite alert with your senses and we will be constantly talking together for a lot of the time. I will be asking you many questions and requesting your description of all what you are ‘seeing’ and experiencing. At the appropriate time I ask you to step aside as a consciousness to allow me to contact & bring in the appointed Light Being(s) from the Collective Cosmic Consciousness. This is when they undertake your healing based on the list of questions you had prepared earlier for me. This is done energetically & they also give you advice & information for your post session action plan. Sometimes more than one Light Being comes forward as each may specialise in a particular field of healing. It is very gentle, interesting and awakening for you. It is a bit like watching a movie – but one about you and you are in it!

At all times you will have your day to day Guides, Angels etc. watching. Whilst necessarily being asked to step aside for a few hours they do oversee the processes you are undergoing so that they can assist you in whatever way is needed after the session. I have my own specialist high level Light Beings facilitating your journey in session who will be gently helping you and ‘holding your hand’ & showing you where you need to go to reach your destination.

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Phase 3

After Phase 2, we will have a Session debrief over a cup of tea and discuss the things you remember, and I fill you in with the things you did not. Don’t worry about the gaps because all sessions are recorded on Audio and Video and you are given copies (see Phase 4). I will ask you how it went and we discuss the meaning of some of the scenes and feelings brought forward in your mind. If you have a computer I will download the Audio of the session before I leave. You will need to provide me with a minimum 32Gb USB Memory Stick for the Video & separate Audio which I will post to you later.

Phase 4

This is important and requires you to re-listen or watch the Audio/Video of the session as each time you do this new information or realisations come forth and enforce the self-healing. Re-listen several times as good advice and information would have been given to you and this is the “hard” part for you – heeding the messages to obtain the healing. You will develop a new understanding of yourself. Your Higher Self and day to day Guides will be there to help.

“It” heals you more efficiently when you are asleep, so expect physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (where appropriate and applicable) changes in you over the subsequent period. Your body elimination systems may be getting rid of toxicity as a result of healing so be prepared for short term effects.

And it is simple as that! But do not dismiss its simplicity. Complex unseen energies, re-alignments and healing will be taking place to re-adjust you in the ways that you have requested and your Higher Self has deemed “appropriate” for you at this time. I will already have identified in the session whether you have Karmic energy relationships to resolve which means you have to work through certain earthly issues in the normal way rather than be given QHHT healing as an instant quick fix. Some lessons still have to be learned!

I always like to hear of positive changes so please feel free to contact me about them. It helps us both.