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18th July 2024 
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"I AM" Healing using Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique , Wiltshire

This cutting edge non-traditional Hypnotherapy is totally Holistic & non-invasive. I use two-way conversational light hypnosis to gently get your mind into the dreamy state you experience when you go to bed to sleep or you are just nodding off for forty winks. With your verbal feedback I will then guide you through ever increasing frequency levels & navigate you around the labyrinth of energetic barriers to find routes through the presently imposed Veil of forgetfulness. This Veil was constructed to prevent us from knowing our true home or accessing our full potential of spiritual gifts & abilities. That is another story! This is why QHHT is different from your traditional Hypnotherapist. QHHT practitioners utilise spiritual energies to reach and access beyond The Veil.

My role with you in session is likened to being a pilot, or a coach driver perhaps, that has somewhat privileged access to a number of Higher Dimensional Light Beings that help you along on your journey. I judge when to turn you left, right, or go up, or down. I judge when to stop and let you alight so you can meet the Higher Dimensional Being(s). At my request They have volunteered to come forward to heal you and/or give you information pertinent to your situation and progress in life. It is Quantum because you are in two places at once. Physically next to me as we work through the session, but also mentally and energetically in a higher vibration receiving healing & information beyond The Veil.

You might ask "Why has this not been done before?" The answer to this question is Cosmic Timing and the fact that Humanity is now more than ever before spiritually aware, and of a high enough vibration, to understand and accept there are little understood processes that we should now allow into our lives to give us answers. Even some open minded scientists are now starting to pay attention and accept that there are some esoteric theories that should be given some merit in their research.

Heart & Soul for Mind & Body Healing

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT™) is a unique system pioneered by the late Dolores Cannon, and is at the forefront of creating well-being for a very wide spectrum of human conditions. Currently, there are so many differing ills and conditions of dis-ease that science and society has felt it has had to tackle each one on an individual basis. This results in a plethora of specialist tailor-made treatments and the lucrative development of ever more sophisticated drugs by the pharmaceutical industry. QHHT™ is almost the “Silver Bullet” – one that treats all manner of problems and deficiencies using the same holistic technique without the need to prescribe highly processed chemical remedies. Click on the “Who For & What Illnesses” tab on the upper left for examples of what issues QHHT™ has already successfully treated. There are, of course many more, and if you have a chronic or “impossible” situation a simple call could change your world.

Whilst QHHT™ covers all types of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual healing it has clearly been “discovered” for the people. It is not an elite treatment just for the rich. This Holistic Hypnotherapy is for everyone and you deserve to be healthy. Humans were, in the main, born in near perfect working order. However, it is primarily due to four major influences, (there are others), that during your lifetime various aspects of your make up become unbalanced and your body or mind therefore manifests unwanted conditions.

Firstly, for example, you may have over-interacted with highly negative people. Perhaps in toxic relationship(s) at home or work that have exposed uncontrolled or repressed emotions. Maybe you have taken or become addicted to substances that your body was not designed to ingest repeatedly. Substances such as, alcohol, drugs or highly processed "fast" food. Microwaved food; electromagnetic fields from TV & computers. The sources of attacks on you & your body can be hidden & subtle. Over time your body and mind can be battered with such incompatible energies. Your mind and cells in your body react accordingly, manifesting in mental or physical dis-ease.

Secondly, (open your mind now) you may have experienced trauma in a Past Life or in another dimension or Planet. If you had not afterwards resolved (understood or forgiven for example) the challenging issues in that past life or location, the traumatic memories may be carried over into this Lifetime in your personal cell memory complex. For example, QHHT™ sessions have proven a person who was hung or burned to death in a former life, may currently experience neck or breathing (e.g. Asthma) problems in this life. QHHT™ will discover this and the mere fact of you realising and accepting this will remove the problem for you in this life.

A third major influence on your current earthly embodiment is your pre-agreed Karmic contract. Dolores Cannon’s information from her sources advises us that Souls are queuing up in the tens of thousands to re-incarnate with disabilities. One life with disability can be worth, she was told, up to nine re-incarnations! The nature of the disability will often provide a clue as to whether it is for Karmic lesson purposes that needs to be played out during this lifetime. Karma can be neutralised with pure intent and proper end purpose. "CLICK HERE" for more information. I offer a Karma voiding exercise in the session. I will also pre-check with my Guides the suitability of QHHT in case some of the issues you want addressing are locked into your wheel of Karmic contracts. This will avoid investing time in an unnecessary session. You may, of course have many other separate issues which can be dealt with in a formal QHHT session. I will make clear to you what can & cannot be achieved by first consulting with my high Level Light Beings.

The fourth major influence is “free will”. We have all been granted this and it cannot be interfered with. Some people get comfort from the sympathetic attention of others when they remain "sick". It is an emotional habit that needs to be corrected for long term health. Advice is given to you by the Light Being healers during the session. However it is your free will if you choose not to accept it & so regress. If you want to use QHHT to cease your reliance on alcohol or 'drugs' but continue to take these substances after the session, as it is your free will right to do so, then do not expect to be healed from these addictions. Free will prevails.

“There is you and me and the change/healing you are here for... if you collaborate with me, the two of us can help you heal. If you collaborate with the illness, there is not much I can do".
- Ancient Persian Healer "Avicenna"

So whilst there are many human conditions, QHHT™ can address and overcome, Practitioners accept some self-imposed limitations in the QHHT Practitioner community. We do ask that the person wishing to be healed can communicate effectively. This rules out, for example, incompatible languages between client and Practitioner. I only conduct sessions in English. There are Practitioners worldwide to cover most languages. Whilst most Practitioners will not accept those with Multiple Personality Disorder or Alzheimer’s to name a limited few non-treatable exceptions, I am a dedicated QHHT explorer of new healing frontiers and would consider offering my services for such people. This would be subject to an in depth initial consultation to determine suitability. I do not believe this system is ethically appropriate on a one to one basis for children under 16. However in some special & urgent circumstances I would consider other methods such as using a parental or adult “Surrogate” CLICK HERE provided all Higher Self and/or Guide permissions have been granted by all parties beforehand.

Distance Healing

This is a novel development that was offered to me in 2014 during my own personal spiritual journey and my upward trajectory on my personal life Light path. It expands the possibilities for my QHHT™ healing practice to broader horizons. I am unaware if other QHHT Practitioners can offer this. I am just grateful to have been given the energetic Higher Dimensional links to do so.

It addresses the problem of those who cannot travel to me to be healed. Healing takes place, through me & my Guides, your own appointed Light Being(s) who come forward to help you from beyond The Veil and you wherever you are anywhere in the world. Thus an energetic triangular healing link is created. There are no geographical limits.

A different approach and preparation is required by me and the person to be healed, but it addresses the logistical obstacles for those who could not otherwise seek help.

To investigate further or book a Distance Healing session use the contact form and explain your needs & difficulties. CLICK HERE.

Booking a QHHT™ Session

To get an insight into how this works, click on the "Holistic Hypnosis Healing" tab on the top left.

If you would like to book a QHHT Session with me I am based near Salisbury "CLICK HERE", Fill in your details and send me the enquiry. I will contact you shortly thereafter so we can discuss, without cost or obligation, how I can help you. I am very happy just to have a preliminary no obligation chat to make sure this modality is for you.

Volunteers Required - See Tab Left

I would like to offer free sessions to anyone suffering from HIV, MRSA or EBOLA. The latter rather eyebrow raising! I can do this as I have been offered the assistance of specialist Light Beings in the process I use who are dedicated to helping Humanity overcome these horrendous diseases.

Small but Growing ?

I have explained this is a relatively new technique practised worldwide. The demand for this unique healing process is very much on the increase. I know that many who become qualified QHHT Practitioners do not, for a variety of reasons, practise actively for very long.

When I qualified in 2012 there were about 2200 of us worldwide. I am not sure how many there are practising now. With nearly 7 billion people on the planet with only a small amount QHHT™ Practitioners to help means that our services are thinly spread.

Dolores Cannon, passed away in October 2014. I do not know how how this has impacted on bringing through new practitioners as it was Dolores herself that taught me using her vast experience. Her daughter now looks after her mother’s legacy & tries to maintain the momentum of the business.

Whilst I am based near Salisbury, in Wiltshire UK, I will try to help anyone in need, throughout the country and/or worldwide. If possible. I will always attempt to prioritise needy cases in the best way I can. .

Some Client Testimonials

"I came to see John as I had been looking for a new job for four years and was not getting anywhere. I had a chat with John on the phone before our session. John wanted to make sure I understood what was involved and that I was sure I wanted to go ahead with the session. I had a list of questions to ask. During the session I felt perfectly at ease and John guided me on an inner journey. John had already contacted his own Guides to make sure the session went smoothly. My Guides came in and answered all my questions. They told me that I would have to be leaving my current job and that a new job would soon come my way. Five days after the session I was invited to an interview at a recruitment consultancy. A month later I received a job offer which pays me a lot more and is nearer to home.

I am so grateful for the powerful session I had with John. I finally achieved what I had wanted for so long. John was very caring and professional. He was well prepared with his own Guides. It was a really worthwhile investment."

Thank you so much for today. I really appreciate the work you do and I will keep you posted as things progress. Already I feel very uplifted in spirit and have a clearer appreciation of past events & experiences.

You do great work.